Sunday, September 13, 2009

"Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite!"

You may be thinking, "What a beautiful sight!", and it sure is gorgeous but dont let it fool you! This picture was the view from our room at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV. Now imagine looking at this view of Vegas then turning around and seeing a beautiful room with gorgeous lighting and a bathroom that is big enough to fit 20 people in it, sounds great right? Sure it is until you get into bed and wake up the next morning with bites the size of a small country all over your body. I knew my skin was sweet but not that sweet! Little did I know bed bugs are a common parasite in Vegas. These five star hotels are being raided by this common bug everyday. I woke up and all of a sudden realized that while I was sleeping I had managed to be bitten a good ten to twelve times and scratched the blood out of myself. Not only was I eaten alive by these varmits but the "venom" was spreading all over my skin. Disgusting? That's a complete understatement for what I experienced. Thankful that I bought extra concealer before I left Nashville, I covered many of the sores and they became barely noticable. Believe me when I say Benadryl is wonderful, but only until it rubs off on your clothes within about five minutes after applying. After a weekend of tiny flesh eating bugs, dancing so hard you sweat off fifteen pounds, three tubes of Benadryl and a hundred degree weather you can say I was excited to get back on the bird to Nashville. If you know me, you know that a little bed bug wont keep me from having the time of my life in Sin City. But the burdon was something I wouldn't ever want to deal with EVER again. So you may ask, "What did the management of Bellagio do for this situation?" ha well let me just say that we will NEVER stay at this hotel again. After keeping us in a line that wrapped all the way around the casino making us stay until an hour before we were supposed to board, the management asked us to leave our luggage and keep it for inspection. Riiigghhtt. Between the four of us we could have paid for the entire hotel with the items we had in our bags, they were not keeping our luggage. They proceeded to tell us that they would call us as soon as the "flesh eater inspectors" arrived later that day. This all took place at around 12 pm and we then arrived in Nashville around 9 pm. That is a good block of time for the hotel to call and they never did. Granted they took all room charges off the credit card but did not comp our room. Needless to say it has been a week and I am starting to see the scars from scratching my skin so hard. Our next trip to Vegas will not include the Bellagio. If you decide to stay there pleeeease bug spray the room and do not take any clothes you dont mind throwing away before you return home.

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