Saturday, September 12, 2009

Are Men Really From Mars?

I would love to meet the man or woman who came up with the quote "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus". What is the truth behind this theory? I guess the obvious of men and women being from two completely different planets makes sense but is it really true?

Let me just go ahead and clarify that in fact we are all on the same planet, obviously, and we do in fact share many theories with men on relationships. We all want most of the same things and regardless of who tries to argue with me on this, it is the truth. I will now break down what the male species wants and why they want them.

Men want to be loved. Yes I said it, men want to feel that tingly butterfly feeling in the pit of their stomachs. I don't care who tries to argue a million times over that they just want sex because its not true. Let me explain, men feel the need, just as women do, to be needed and wanted by someone. They want the attention and comfort of having someone there that cares for them. Yes it is for sure that they do want sex, what human doesn't? But at the end of the day when the curtain is closed and the ego has no one to prove itself to, would you rather spend the night alone or with someone you care about? Not just someone who you care about, but a person that needs you and wants you just as badly as you do them. Stop shaking your head and trying to argue with me. We all want someone who we can be comfortable with and dance around naked after just waking up and making a complete fool of ourselves. Ok maybe that part is just me, but you get it right? No one wants to lay down next to someone and think, " Man i really need to [insert embarrassing gesture], I wonder if that will freak him/her out?".

Ladies, men want to be loved and not used. They also want a girl who is real. A girl who doesn't cling onto them and want to be in their presence 24/7. Get your own life!!! It is important to be two people when you have a relationship. Men don't want a girl who sits around waiting on them to make decisions all the time! Grow some balls girls! Keep your seperate lives but still make time for each other.

Now for the men. Most women think of 99% of the male population as pigs. Well i do feel sorry for the men. OK not so much, but in reality women are just as bad. People these days are throwing themselves out their like they don't have any self respect! You are who you hang out with and you ARE who you perceive yourself to be. If your friends are going around slapping random girls on the hind end then you too will eventually get the urge to do the same low life gesture. Is that really going to get you a good girl? Let me go ahead and answer that one, NO! So now you see why women are categorizing men as pigs. But that doesn't make it OK for women to do the same. Men, we women don't want your hand to slap our rear but instead take two more movements to grab our hand and introduce yourself. I promise after a few thousand women have a hand shake instead of an ass grab we will start to think differently. In a woman's world if Sally has an ass grab, her sisters cousins mothers daughters sons brothers fathers cousins aunt will know about it before daylight and just think... if that were a hand shake and you two hit it off then everyone goes home happy and not only your reputation is saved but slowly the entire male populations is as well!

We all just want to be loved and respected.

Keep it real!

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