Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chanel: Timeless Creations

So as most of you (ok maybe there are only a few of you readers out there) know I have recently attained an obsession with decorating which has now apparently led to fashion as well. Ive looked at every website that remotely relates to "hollywood regency" and "black and white decor". My eyes feel like they are bleeding I have spent so much time staring into pops of color, the french revolution, and Voltaire chairs that I can barely see straight. But beyond that I have thoroughly enjoyed these moments of internal bliss. The only problem is that I couldnt even begin to pay for one of the items I have found to decorate my new home, that I have yet to sign a lease on because I do not make enough money to pay for the lease.... wheww. Anyway back to the point, amist the hours and hours of searching for the perfect items I stumbled upon Chanel and thought that it would be neat to look at their preview for their fall collection. As I viewed the site I explored until I found the section of what would be their "blog" or better yet history and company news. It struck me as I was reading the section that Chanel is a magnificent example of the type of apartment I want. It was amazing to see that Karl and I were on the same page this season, our minds were in sync as we began to design what would be a memorable frame for our future. Anyway maybe more to add later but I had to share what a beautiful brand I have always loved but have now rediscovered. Have a look for yourself and see the beauty in what I have found.

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In this photo: Karl Lagerfeld and Vanessa Paradis

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